Food Too Good To Waste
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Engage students in solving real issues. Win $500 for your school. 

Enter Missouri Organic Recycling’s Food Too Good to Waste Project Challenge

Almost half of the food grown is never eaten! Wasted food hurts our environment. Give your students the opportunity to discover, learn, and implement better uses for food by coming up with real solutions to our very real-world food waste challenge.

Who can participate?

Junior Division: Kansas City Regional school groups from grades 4-8
Senior Division: Kansas City Regional school groups from grades 9-12

First Prize: $500 for the winning project in each division

Runner-up Prizes (two): $200 gift certificates for Missouri Organic products for the school’s landscaping and gardens.


Contest Announcement:  Saturday October 5
Deadline for Entries:  Friday December 6th
Deadline for Submission: Friday April 3rd
Announcement of Winning Projects: Wednesday April 15th
Awards ceremony at each school by arrangement.


Each project will address some aspect of the Food System. The goal is to create a meaningful contribution to the school or community by advancing awareness, gaining knowledge and/or creating a lasting change or program. Extra credit will be given for projects that will use the prize money to further the project.

Community involvement will be considered a positive. Submissions are to be digital only- photos, videos, graphics and text. The quality and replicability of the entry will also be important. Entries shall be by groups of four or more students.

Checks will be paid to the school which the students represent.

Send questions and official contest submissions to:

Resources are Provided

Check out the resource page at

You’ll find study terms, project topic suggestions and other project descriptions. A presentation to your school by Food Waste Expert Stan Slaughter is available at no charge. Your school need not enter the challenge to receive a presentation. Classroom or assembly programs are available. Email Stan at